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Growing Roses


Gloire Lyonnaise rose

Kindle downloadpdf downloadRoses and How to Grow them: A manual for growing roses in the garden ands under glass, Published in 1910. "All that is really necessary for the amateur rose grower to know in order that he may intelligently make a rose garden, select his varieties and grow the harvest of bloom, is told in this volume. Many books on the rose are more bulky, but the additional matter is not of an essential character. In this volume everything not directly to the point of practical rose growing for the American amateur is omitted.


pdf downloadKindle downloadA Book About Roses by S. Reynolds Hole, 1870. "I wrote A Book about Roses, because having grown them lovingly and shown them successfully for more than twenty years, I though that the results of my experience would be acceptable to others; and the demand for a third edition, nine months after publication of the first, has realised my happiest hope.... will be found to contain the latest information and intelligence as to the selection and cultivation of Roses.

Kindle downloadpdf downloadNational Rose Society's Handbook on Pruning Roses compiled by the committee of the Society in 1906 with 80 pages. "The object kept in view by the committee of experts entrusted with its preparation has been to make the instructions given as clear and easily understood as possible, so that even those who have but little knowledge of Rose culture might be able to benefit by them. It is hoped that the illustrations, so admirably drawn by Miss I. M. CHARTERS, under the direction of the Hon. Secretary and Mr. G. L. PAUL, may serve to render those instructions still more intelligible."